Is it Time to Fall into New Habits?

In many parts of the country, the hottest days of summer are behind us and we have cool fall mornings to look forward to. What does this mean for you? It’s a great time to start exercising! Cooler mornings and evenings are the perfect time to get in a quick workout before or after work. Even a half hour a few times a week can make all the difference in the world! I found this great site called Cool Running that features a plan to help you get from being a couch potato to running a 5K (3.1 miles) in about 2 months! It’s called, appropriately, Couch to 5K. Check it out!

I’m on week 3 and I have already started to notice the changes in my body, most noticeably many more sore muscles! I had been trying ice and heat but that alone wasn’t keeping me from feeling sore the next day. Lately though, I have been telling everyone I know about the Mini Pro 2 Thumper Massager. Its pounding, percussive action can be a bit extreme even at the lowest settings, but I’ve found nothing better for working out knots in tight muscles. I’ve also heard about the new Thumper Sport which is just as powerful as the Mini Pro, but a bit cheaper and more maneuverable. I can’t wait to get my hands on one! Some of my runner friends swear by the Marathon Stick, a simple ingenious tool that can help to relax your legs and calves after a hard run. I haven’t tried one myself, but with all the great things I’m hearing, I can’t wait!

Even if it’s not running, cool fall weather is a perfect time to join an athletic league, get out on a bike trail or just walk around town!

Tips for Mindful Eating: Enjoy Your Food and Eat Less


Mindful eating is not a new concept. It has roots in Buddhism and has been studied as a way to combat eating disorders.

Eating mindfully is more important now than ever. I was shocked to come across an article that said all humans will be obese by the year 2075. With our busy lifestyles we are all guilty of eating on the run. This often results in eating too fast, eating while working, and making unhealthy meal choices. If we are to combat obesity and live happy, healthy long lives we need to practice Mindful Eating now. How it works:

1. Pay attention to your body. Ask yourself if you are really hungry, of if there is another reason you want to eat. Notice when you are starting to feel full and then stop eating just as you feel full.

2. Eat slowly. Take time to chew your food and savor each bite. Smell the aroma of your food. Take time to notice the shapes and colors on your plate. It is important to eat slowly so that your body has enough time to register the food you ingest. If you eat too quickly you will miss the flavor and texture of food in your mouth, and risk overeating.

3. Avoid eating during other activities. So many of us eat while watching television or working at the computer. People who eat during other activities tend to be unaware of how much they eat.

4. Don’t eat when stressed. Stress can compromise digestion and cause heartburn. If you are feeling stressed before a meal, try taking a few deep breaths, light a candle and play soothing music to help you relax.

5. Eat simply, healthy foods. Some nutrition experts say that you should not have more than 5 ingredients at any meal. This is important concept for mindful eating. By eating simple, healthy food with fewer ingredients you are better able to taste (and name) each ingredient. Who knows what Polysorbate 80 tastes like? I don’t and I don’t want to know.

Whether you want to lost weight or just be healthy and live a long life, Mindful Eating is an essential practice to achieving these goals. Do you remember what you ate today?

In Times of Trouble, We All Can Help Out

It has been too long since I checked in with
all of you, but the days of summer just fly by.

The world seems to be crumbling as we speak. I am fortunate to
live in Portland, Oregon, where we take seriously the issues of
health and our ecosystem. One of the networks I belong to sent
me an e-mail about one of our members. She was in Turkey, and
needed an eye operation in order to save her eye. I don’t know
about you, but a month doesn’t go by that someone I know and
care about can’t get the care they deserve. In one week,we
managed to raise $3000 to send her for her operation.

As many of us get older, we are going to have to rely more
and more on our own social networks. I encourage you to reach
out. It really feels good to help someone in need. And who
knows, some day that someone might be you.

Martha ColsonJust the other day, I received a heartbreaking phone call.
Martha Colson, a lovely woman from Indiana, called to tell me
that she loved the Chi Vitalizer she bought from the
AllAboutNetwork, but that she had to order a replacement.
I asked her why and she told me that it was destroyed in one of
the terrible flood in the Midwest earlier this summer.

Flooding Damage

Here’s what she had to say. “I am 73 years old and have had
life-long scoliosis. In recent years I have developed a
degenerative disc disorder. The Chi Vitalizer relaxed the tight
and aching muscles associated with my conditions.” After hearing
of her loss and how much enjoyment she got out of her chi
machine, I had to do something.

Hopefully the new Chi Vitalizer that I sent her will help to
relieve the stresses associated with rebuilding her life after
this tragedy. That act of kindness reminded me why I am in this
business. I love helping people!

I hope that by sharing this story, I have inspired you to make a
difference in the life of someone you know, or even in your own
life. You owe it to yourself and the world around you.

Sticker Shock in the Organic Aisles

Americans spent $16.7 billion on organic food and beverages in 2006, a 126 percent increase in just five years, according to the Organic Trade Association, an industry trade group. Analysts have been telling us that the demand for organic products will drive prices down, but even though organic sales are growing every year they still carry a hefty premium.

Just how high it too high? A local organic produce company here in Portland, Oregon will deliver a weeks supply of organic fruits and vegetables for one person for $30. That’s $120 per month! According to a  recent New York Times article, rising  prices for organic groceries are prompting some consumers to question their devotion to food produced without chemicals, fertilizers, or antibiotics. Don’t sacrifice your health. Healthy dietary supplements make it possible to get the benefits of organic foods at a fraction of the price. offers an amazing organic product that makes it easy and affordable for you to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Vitamineral Green is designed to be the most nutrient dense and comprehensive superfood product ever offered. It contains a full spectrum of naturally occuring, absorbable, and non-toxic vitamins and minerals. Vitamineral Green also contains naturally occuring amino acids, antioxidants, fatty acids, chlorophyll, fibers, phytonutrients, and other organic nutrients. A two month supply of Vitamineral Green costs less than $50, compared to almost $250 for organic produce delivery.

Have High Summer Prices Got You Down?

As we enter the months of summer, it seems like everything is more expensive.  Gasoline is over $4 a gallon in most of the country and food costs are rising like never before. These costs can add up and at the end of the month, there’s usually not much money left over to spend on yourself. Some perceived luxuries, like massages, are often ignored. In many parts of the country, a private masseur can cost more than $50 per hour, depending on the services offered.

 But are massages really luxuries? No! You have the right to feel relaxed and healthy, just as you have the right to a roof over your head and food on your table. Ignoring your body can lead to disastrous consequences. Performance at work can suffer, as can relationships with friends and family. Treating yourself to a massage or other therapy session can help to relieve stress, improve muscle tone and increase feelings of peacefulness and wellness. If you’re unable to afford the cost of a personal massage therapists, don’t worry, has just what you need to cure the summertime blues.

The Kneading Finger Rollers Deluxe massager is one of the most popular massagers for those interested in alternatives to pricy massage treatments. The kneading action of this massager produces an action similar to that of human hands. Use this unit on your neck, back, legs, shoulders and arms.

The Evergain 308DL Chi Machine is an all-in-one home health spa. It offers the benefits of neck and shoulder massage, reflexology treatments on the feet and the unparalleled benefits of a Chi Machine, helping energy to flow freely through your body. And don’t forget about the infrared heat technology or the magnetic therapies offered by this amazing one-of-a-kind device!

Wooden and plastic hand massage tools are simple, but so are a lot of amazing technologies. These devices can fit in the palm of your hand, but provide out of this world relief to foot, neck, shoulder, and back pain. Make sure to buy more than one. Once your friends see them, they’ll never give them back!

Dietary supplements can help your body to recover from the harsh summer heat. Check out our new products like Eskimo-3 Omega Oils and Probiotic Pearls. Get healthy the natural way!

A top-of-the-line electrical massager may cost as much as several sessions with a massage therapist, but remember that after a few weeks of use, many of these units have already paid for themselves!

Until next time, stay cool and be well!

Spring is upon us– It’s time to be well

Spring has sprung and this means that allergy season is upon us. For allergy sufferers, the waning of winter is a cause for anxiety. Pollen, one of the major triggers of seasonal allergies, causes embarrassing runny noses, uncontrollable sneezing fits and dry, itchy eyes. According to allergist Lawrence B. Schwartz of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, some 20% of Americans suffer from seasonal allergies. But why do some people get this tormenting reaction and others don’t? Some studies link seasonal allergies to an out of balance immune system. Other studies show stress as a major factor in immune system imbalances. The Chi Machine is a convenient and easy to use solution for stress and seasonal allergies.

The Chi Machine stimulates globulin production which increases the immune system’s difference capacity thereby providing greater freedom from allergies, disorders and disease. Using the Chi Machine just 5-15 minutes a day also relaxes the body and mind. Many people start to see the beneficial effects of the Chi Machine exerciser after only a few minutes of using it.

The Chi Vitalizer CY-106, sold by, is an excellent alternative to traditional seasonal allergy remedies. Doctors often prescribe antihistamines as a blanket treatment for seasonal allergies. While antihistamines do relieve most symptoms, they are notorious for causing drowsiness. In addition to causing unpleasant side effects, antihistamines treat the symptoms and not the causes. A recent study of 351 adults found that 26% had turned to alternative treatments for allergy relief and many seek out preventative treatment. Are you ready to take the next step in improving your health and well being?


It’s been ten years since I’ve taken a pharmaceutical medication. At that time, I had just had surgery and was in great need of pain relief. Had the results of a recent study been available, I would have spoken with my doctor about a safer way to soothe my discomfort. 

Published in the Archives of Surgery, the study followed 605 men undergoing major surgery. Two hundred of the men received a twenty minute back massage each night for four nights following the procedure. The men who were massages reported experiencing a faster reduction in the intensity of their pain and less overall discomfort. 

Allison Mitchinson, one of the authors of the article, believes that massage may work through multiple pathways to provide pain relief. Among these are easing anxieties, dilating the blood vessels, raising body temperature and causing the release of endorphins. 

It’s becoming ever more evident that alternative therapies have a clear role to play in our conventional medical system. As Dr. Marie Hanna of Johns Hopkins University comments:

“Increased awareness for better pain control has led treating physicians to use nontraditional modalities such as massage therapy, music, and relaxation techniques.” 


There are five symptoms that can signal a heart attack. Can you name them? According to a new survey from the Centers for Disease Control, only one in four of you will be able to say “yes” – and that’s a dangerous statistic.   

 Please take the time to memorize this list: 

1. Shortness of breath
2. Pain or discomfort in the chest.
3. Aching or discomfort in the arms or shoulders.
4. Feeling weak or light-headed.
5. Pain, aching or discomfort in the jaw, neck or back.

The American Heart Association has found that women will more often experience jaw and back pain or shortness of breath, while chest pain is the most common symptom in men.  

If you or someone near you is experiencing one or more of the above symptoms, it is vitally important that the first thing you do is call 911. Of the 157,000 fatal heart attacks each year, half occur within an hour of the onset of symptoms.    

Feel free to print out the list and pass it on to your friends and family. With over 900,000 heart attacks occurring each year, increasing awareness of this information could prove to be invaluable.


I usually manage to escape the cold and flu season unscathed, but once every two or three years I get nabbed by whatever nasty bug is going around. This was one of those years, so I thought I would pass on a few hints that I used to help get me through. 

Rest. I’ve noticed that on the rare occasions that I have become ill, I have inevitably let myself get run down. Stress and mile long To Do lists take their toll. While you may feel compelled to try and keep up despite feeling unwell, your body won’t be able to recover without proper rest. Be good to yourself and allow yourself to take it easy. 

Hydration. This is especially important if you have a fever, as I did. Make sure your getting enough purified water and, if you like, include some herbal teas. Licorice tea is particularly soothing for a cough, while chamomile is an anti-inflammatory that will help to soothe body aches, settle an upset stomach and also promote much needed rest. 

Garlic. This is one of my long loved stand-bys. While I was sick, I was adding between 3 and 6 cloves to pretty much everything I ate. This powerful natural antibiotic will do wonders to help your body fend off the invading bacteria or virus. 

Elderberry. Another one of my favorite herbs, this remarkable plant actually prevents virus’ from replicating, making it much easier for your body to recover. 

Aromatherapy. Pure essential oils can do wonders to ease the discomfort of a cold or flu. Eucalyptus helps to clear the sinuses, lavender promotes rest and eases headaches and rosemary is a wonderful antimicrobial that helps to clear the foggy feeling one can get when feverish. There are many great diffusers you can use, or just put a few drops of oil onto a piece of cloth and place this inside your pillowcase. 

Of course the best option is to stay healthy, but if you get nabbed as I did, these tips, along with herbal formulas like FluEase by Wise Woman Herbals, can do a great deal to help ease your discomfort and speed your road to recovery.


Nutritional expert Ancer Keys first touted the benefits of the Mediterranean diet in the 1960’s. Several studies had indicated that those living in Spain, Italy and Greece experienced a significantly lower incidence of disease and their diet was believed to be largely responsible. Along with fish, fruits and vegetables, central to the diet was the daily consumption of olive oil.  

Olive oil is a monounsaturated fat with 0% cholesterol, but this is not its only boon. A collaborative study was just completed at the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology in Granada which looked at the polyphenols in the oil and their effect upon degenerative diseases.

Polyphenols act to scavenge the free radicals responsible for premature aging, cancer and other degenerative conditions. They have also been recently found to increase the body’s levels of vitamin E and to improve cardiovascular health. Olive oil is particularly rich in these natural antioxidants.  

I use olive oil for all of my low to medium temperature cooking. I also make homemade salad dressings with the oil and create delicious herbal dipping oils for bread. If you haven’t yet stocked your kitchen with this fabulous food, I highly recommend you do so. Not only will your health benefit, but you will discover a world of wonderful flavors!