Yamuna Body Rolling Week #3

Core Stability is vital to your health and well being. All the sit ups in the world don’t necessarily give you the experience of a 3 dimensional stable foundation. The primary principle here is to imagine a connection from the front of your body all the way through the stomach to the front of your spine and then to the back of your spine.
Add the breath to this foundation, and you have the beginnings of being able to lengthen and strengthen your core. Breathe in, then press back in to the ball, imagining the press starting at the front of your body. Breathe out as you press in. Curl forward, so your head is moving toward your feet.
Sit ups tend to contract the stomach muscles, so you can look scrunched over. The space between your ribs and your hips can get smaller. And you end up looking a bit fatter, since your stomach is squashed in to a smaller cavity.
Body Rolling can help give you a sense of spaciousness.
Watch the video. And let me know what you think.
Do you have a Body Rolling practice? Any daily body oriented practice? I’d love to know about it.

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