Happy Mother’s Day

Welcome to Florida signHanging out with my Mom in Ft. Myers. She lives alone in a gated community, with golf course and swimming pools. My Mom is 85. I was worried that she might not be able to take care of herself anymore. I’m not sure what it’s called, but all the folks I met over 80 all seemed to be wasting away. There’s a kind of concentration camp look to them all.

It was fun hanging around with them. They were mostly physically active, playing golf, swimming, and lots of book reading. I was surprised at how much we had in common! I would rather be doing yoga, but in general, the activities were very similar.
And the conversation was very similar. Gossip, books they were reading, meals they were cooking, what they had done so far today, the weather. Relatives.

And even though my mom’s hands look mangled, it’s amazing what she can still do. It seems like she can pretty much do most things you have to do in a day. Her lifting capacities are diminished, but she can still cook, clean, wash dishes, put things away and take them out. And her mind is still doing well, as it was for most of the people I met. Being in warm weather is helpful for the joints, and the heart also does better in warm rather than cold weather.

No Trader Joes here, no Whole Foods. I was shocked! I think it’s the next generation that is into these food chains. Most of the people here are still basic meat and potatoes kind of folks.

I’ve been here about 6 days. And I’m just getting into a routine. I leave in 2 more days. Going somewhere for less than 2 weeks doesn’t really allow me to dig in and really experience a place. But life does require most of us to be “home”. I saw a sign in front of a church that said  “Home is where Mom is”. I could totally relate.

What I’m leaving with is a sense of how important diet is to one’s health. And how much massage can keep me flexible and healthy. How important weight training is. And the routines I do to keep my feet and hands flexible.

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