Summer Cleanse

Life seems to be moving faster and faster. I have had some profound experiences in the last 4 weeks. I started a 6 week cleanse 4 weeks ago; it’s called Arise and Shine. I’m not much for going without my favorite foods, especially in the summer. But Cass Phelps, a movement teacher (and much more) emailed me to say that he was tele-coaching people through the experience.

I have been lucky lately to be able to just follow what is being presented, to say yes to life as it unfolds. So I said yes. It has been a very easy and enlightening experience. I’ve lost 23 pounds and about 8 per cent body fat.
And I have watched my moods change, and my sense of well being and connection.

And I’m looking forward to eating a healthier diet. Doing something like this really let me see how powerful our food choices are. The literally determine how we see the world.

The reason the cleanse is 6 weeks is that we spend two weeks strengthening our intestinal flora. And being careful not to binge. The hardest part for most people is the re entry. They tend to binge.

If you asked me what the one most powerful thing a person could do to change the world, I would say it would be to become a vegetarian. That’s the short answer. It ends up we kill 10 billion animals a year to eat.

The amount of land needed to produce a one-year food supply for a person who has to support a meat-eating habit is 3.25 acres. The amount of land needed to produce a one-year food supply for a pure vegetarian is 1/6 acre. As cited by John Robbins in his book Diet for a New America, Lester Brown of the Overseas Development Council has estimated that if Americans would reduce their consumption of meat by only 10%, the amount of grain wasted on animal feed that could be diverted for direct human consumption would be sufficient to adequately feed every one of the 60 million people who die from hunger each year.

Production of meat also wastes precious water resources for watering and cleaning livestock animals and their equipment and facilities. Producing one pound of meat requires about 2,500 gallons of water.

Not to make things too complicated, but there is a caveat here. There also seems to be a link between our Blood Type and what kinds of foods we can tolerate. And how our body processes those foods. I am a type A, which is conducive to being a vegetarian. Type O’s, on the other hand, need meat. And their body processes meat very differently than mine does.

Just to say that I’m not talking about a ban on meat eating. Just a reasonable approach that acknowledges our basic needs and not our tendency to super size our lives.

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