Being in the Eye of the Storm

Last night I was reading another article in the New York Times about the economic chaos going on in the world. I could feel myself getting anxious, and depressed. I do what I often do when I feel myself going into a funk – I called a friend. I’m lucky to have some amazing friends. She reminded me that my life purpose is helping people and that this is what I should be focusing on.

Anything that causes anxiety might not be a good thing to continue doing. There’s not much I, or most of you, can do about what’s going on in the world. I want to encourage you to spend time in silence and with loved ones. It’s a great time to remind each other of what’s really important. Stay away from people, places and things that cause you turmoil.

The news right now is breeding fear. The truth is that your life is probably a lot like mine. I have money in the stock market and I chose to leave it there. That’s the only decision I really have to make – get in or get out. Once that’s done, my life is pretty much the same this week as it was weeks ago.

The financial markets are in chaos, but our economy hasn’t really changed much. That is an important distinction.

You can consider this a horrible thing, or you can look at it as an opportunity. This is a time for us to focus on the way we want our lives to play out. I’m part of an incredible community. We take care of one another. Reach out to your community.

I was at a meeting on Sunday about the unraveling that’s happening. There was a woman there who was beaming as she spoke about what’s happening. Someone commented on how, when a hurricane happens, the eye of the storm is amazingly still. How can you maintain that sense of equanimity and peace amidst the chaos?

This is an opportunity to stand for what really matters to you. Living in fear has big consequences to our physical and mental health. We are the change we yearn for.

For me, it includes supporting local merchants and farms, maybe even growing your own herbs, fruits and vegetables. If you do believe things are going to get worse, stock up. The local markets usually only have food for 72 hours worth of shopping – and that’s when there’s not a panic. So, having canned foods, preferably organic, and water stocked up is a great idea.

I can’t tell if the government knows something we don’t, or if they are trying to stir up more fear, but there was a commercial on the radio last night talking about stocking up on food for an emergency. For more info, go to

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