In Times of Trouble, We All Can Help Out

It has been too long since I checked in with
all of you, but the days of summer just fly by.

The world seems to be crumbling as we speak. I am fortunate to
live in Portland, Oregon, where we take seriously the issues of
health and our ecosystem. One of the networks I belong to sent
me an e-mail about one of our members. She was in Turkey, and
needed an eye operation in order to save her eye. I don’t know
about you, but a month doesn’t go by that someone I know and
care about can’t get the care they deserve. In one week,we
managed to raise $3000 to send her for her operation.

As many of us get older, we are going to have to rely more
and more on our own social networks. I encourage you to reach
out. It really feels good to help someone in need. And who
knows, some day that someone might be you.

Martha ColsonJust the other day, I received a heartbreaking phone call.
Martha Colson, a lovely woman from Indiana, called to tell me
that she loved the Chi Vitalizer she bought from the
AllAboutNetwork, but that she had to order a replacement.
I asked her why and she told me that it was destroyed in one of
the terrible flood in the Midwest earlier this summer.

Flooding Damage

Here’s what she had to say. “I am 73 years old and have had
life-long scoliosis. In recent years I have developed a
degenerative disc disorder. The Chi Vitalizer relaxed the tight
and aching muscles associated with my conditions.” After hearing
of her loss and how much enjoyment she got out of her chi
machine, I had to do something.

Hopefully the new Chi Vitalizer that I sent her will help to
relieve the stresses associated with rebuilding her life after
this tragedy. That act of kindness reminded me why I am in this
business. I love helping people!

I hope that by sharing this story, I have inspired you to make a
difference in the life of someone you know, or even in your own
life. You owe it to yourself and the world around you.

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