Spring is upon us– It’s time to be well

Spring has sprung and this means that allergy season is upon us. For allergy sufferers, the waning of winter is a cause for anxiety. Pollen, one of the major triggers of seasonal allergies, causes embarrassing runny noses, uncontrollable sneezing fits and dry, itchy eyes. According to allergist Lawrence B. Schwartz of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, some 20% of Americans suffer from seasonal allergies. But why do some people get this tormenting reaction and others don’t? Some studies link seasonal allergies to an out of balance immune system. Other studies show stress as a major factor in immune system imbalances. The Chi Machine is a convenient and easy to use solution for stress and seasonal allergies.

The Chi Machine stimulates globulin production which increases the immune system’s difference capacity thereby providing greater freedom from allergies, disorders and disease. Using the Chi Machine just 5-15 minutes a day also relaxes the body and mind. Many people start to see the beneficial effects of the Chi Machine exerciser after only a few minutes of using it.

The Chi Vitalizer CY-106, sold by AllAboutChi.com, is an excellent alternative to traditional seasonal allergy remedies. Doctors often prescribe antihistamines as a blanket treatment for seasonal allergies. While antihistamines do relieve most symptoms, they are notorious for causing drowsiness. In addition to causing unpleasant side effects, antihistamines treat the symptoms and not the causes. A recent study of 351 adults found that 26% had turned to alternative treatments for allergy relief and many seek out preventative treatment. Are you ready to take the next step in improving your health and well being?

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