I usually manage to escape the cold and flu season unscathed, but once every two or three years I get nabbed by whatever nasty bug is going around. This was one of those years, so I thought I would pass on a few hints that I used to help get me through. 

Rest. I’ve noticed that on the rare occasions that I have become ill, I have inevitably let myself get run down. Stress and mile long To Do lists take their toll. While you may feel compelled to try and keep up despite feeling unwell, your body won’t be able to recover without proper rest. Be good to yourself and allow yourself to take it easy. 

Hydration. This is especially important if you have a fever, as I did. Make sure your getting enough purified water and, if you like, include some herbal teas. Licorice tea is particularly soothing for a cough, while chamomile is an anti-inflammatory that will help to soothe body aches, settle an upset stomach and also promote much needed rest. 

Garlic. This is one of my long loved stand-bys. While I was sick, I was adding between 3 and 6 cloves to pretty much everything I ate. This powerful natural antibiotic will do wonders to help your body fend off the invading bacteria or virus. 

Elderberry. Another one of my favorite herbs, this remarkable plant actually prevents virus’ from replicating, making it much easier for your body to recover. 

Aromatherapy. Pure essential oils can do wonders to ease the discomfort of a cold or flu. Eucalyptus helps to clear the sinuses, lavender promotes rest and eases headaches and rosemary is a wonderful antimicrobial that helps to clear the foggy feeling one can get when feverish. There are many great diffusers you can use, or just put a few drops of oil onto a piece of cloth and place this inside your pillowcase. 

Of course the best option is to stay healthy, but if you get nabbed as I did, these tips, along with herbal formulas like FluEase by Wise Woman Herbals, can do a great deal to help ease your discomfort and speed your road to recovery.

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