I love to sing. Admittedly, I only indulge when I’m in the car alone or at my desk in my private studio, but I love it none-the-less. Singing is inherent in our natures – for thousands of years we have raised our voices in celebration, in praise and in sorrow. Perhaps part of the reason we feel such a strong love for song, is that instinctively we know than it is good for us. 

At the Western Ontario University, researchers have found that singing provides a healthy, free and non-invasion cure for chronic snorers. By strengthening the muscles at the back of the throat, Alise Ojay says that singing restores tone, reducing snoring and allowing for a restful night’s sleep.

Canadian scientists have found that song benefits patients suffering from severe Alzheimer’s. These patients, despite their illness, were able to recognize songs from their youth and sing along with the music. Meanwhile, doctors in Sydney, Australia, are using music to soothe babies in the intensive care unit. 

It seems that singing can even help smokers to quit their habit. Encouraged by the results of research from Frankfurt University showing that singing lowers stress levels, American choirs have been created to help beat nicotine addiction. One two-year project succeeded in cutting smoking rates by 7%. Statistics from similar, but non-singing, groups showed only a 1% decrease during the same timeframe. 

So whether you’re shy like me and sing in the shower, or boldly choose a night of karaoke – go out and sing! As Cervantes says in Don Quixote:

“He who sings frightens away his ills.

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