I’ve been buying organic produce for years. Fortunately, it has gotten much easier to find. My initial reasons for making this choice were to avoid the numerous pesticides, herbicides and insecticides whose residue remains long after harvesting. I now know that this choice has also kept me better nourished. 

Over the course of four years, researchers from Newcastle University in the UK grew fruits and vegetables and also raised cattle on both organic and non-organic sites across Europe. They found that there were stunningly large differences in the nutritional levels of these foods depending on how they were grown. 

Milk from organically raised cattle contained 50% – 80% higher levels of antioxidants than conventional milk while organic produce had up to 40% more of these vital nutrients . This is particularly significant as antioxidants are believed to provide a host of benefits, including reduced coronary disease and protection against certain cancers. 

Researchers also found that the nutrient levels of wheat, lettuce, onions, cabbage and potatoes were 20% – 40% higher in the organic produce. There were also higher levels of zinc, iron and other beneficial minerals. Whether or not you’re concerned with the chemicals used in conventional farming, it’s clear that organic dairy and produce is a much healthier choice.  

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