I find it ironic that I can find microwave dinners at the health food store. I personally haven’t used a microwave in over 10 years. Having studied the biosciences, I’ve always had my doubts about how healthy food could be after it’s been “nuked”. Even the terminology ismicrowave dangers frightening. Several studies back up my initial instincts. 

Microwaves cook your food by speeding up the molecules causing them to bump against each other and release heat through friction. The problem is that all of this colliding destroys the delicate molecules that comprise vitamins and many other nutrients. Studies are now demonstrating that as much as 97% of the nutritional value of your foods is destroyed in the process. 

Take, for example, broccoli and cauliflower. In my last blog I told you about the potent nutrients these plants contain which help to prevent prostate cancer. Microwaving them would destroy the very phytochemicals responsible for these protective effects. It would also deplete the vitamins and antioxidants, leaving you with food that is “dead” in every sense of the word. If you are familiar with Dr. Emoto’s popular book “The Hidden Messages in Water” you may also be concerned to learn that microwaves alter the molecular structure of the water in your food creating vibration of chaos.   

It’s no coincidence that the onset of the obesity epidemic coincides with microwave ovens becoming a household standard. If you are eating food that is devoid of nutritional value your body will continue to send hunger signals to your brain in an effort to satiate its need for true nutrients. Microwaves also make it easy to overeat. When making a snack or a meal no longer involves conscious preparation, it becomes far too easy to eat mindlessly. 

So are you willing to give up a bit of convenience for the sake of a healthier body? As I said, I haven’t used one in over 10 years and to be perfectly honest the only time I miss it is when I wax my legs. Just think of all the extra counter space you’ll gain! 

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