I have several male friends who are over 40 and so whenever I hear news of natural ways to prevent prostate cancer, I pay attention. According to the National Cancer Institute there have been 218,890 new cases have been diagnosed so far this year and 27,050 men have died from the disease. I don’t want one of my friends to end up in these statistics. 

The good news is that the NCI just completed a study of 29,000 men whom they followed over the period of four years. During the health wellness cancer prevention prostatecourse of their research they found that men who consumed broccoli just twice per week cut their risk of developing an aggressive prostate tumor by 45%. Eating cauliflower at least once a week brought even greater benefits and reduced the incidence of this cancer by 52%. 

Although a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is often recommended as part of an anti-cancer diet, only broccoli and cauliflower appeared to have an impact upon this particular cancer. The effect could be due to DIM, a compound formed during the digestion of cruciferous vegetables which acts as an anti-androgen inhibiting the proliferation of prostate cancer cells.  

Given the emerging facts, it is well worth adding these veggies to your diet once or twice a week. I know I’ll be passing on the recommendation to my friends.

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