If the FDA has its way, you will soon lose the freedom to purchase herbs, supplements and essential oils. You would also be forbidden to seek out color therapy, massage, acupressure and a myriad of other natural therapies. Unless, of course, they are prescribed and performed by a licensed medical doctor.

The outcome of this travesty would be the denial of millions of Americans to have responsibility over their own health and well being. Prices for supplements, herbs and natural therapies would skyrocket. You would be completely reliant on an MD to tell you which natural products you could use. Are you willing to live that way?

Also keep in mind that if you or any of your friends or family are massage therapists or practice any alternative modalities as a profession, they will soon be unemployed or felons. Under the proposed guidelines, anyone practicing an alternative therapy without a medical degree would be heavily fined and potentially incarcerated for “practicing medicine without a license”!

Many groups such as the American Association for Health Freedom and the Health Freedom Foundation are actively fighting this proposal. If you care about your health and the health freedoms of future generation then you must take action now. The deadline for submitting your comments on this proposal to the FDA ends on April 30th.

To comment by mail: Division of Dockets Management (HFA-305) Food and Drug Administration 5630 Fishers Lane, Room 1061 Rockville, MD 20853
To comment by email: CLICK HERE

Please refer to Docket No. 2006D-0480 in all of your correspondence.

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