Last month the journal Cancer Research reported that the combination of tomatoes and broccoli packed a powerful punch against prostate cancer. Much more so, it seems, than either food alone.

Both vegetables have been studied for their rich nutrients and healthful benefits, but this is the first time they have been looked at synergistically. On its own, the sulfur compounds in broccoli enhance our own bodies’ enzymes that break down cancer causing substances. Tomatoes have also shown anti-cancer properties due to their high lycopene content.

Professor Erdman from The University of Illinois believes that by consuming the two vegetables together there is an “additive effect” that enhances the benefits. Although this study used vegetable powders, you can get similar effects at home. To do this, the researches suggest that you consume 1.4 cups of broccoli with 2.5 cups fresh tomatoes, 1 cup tomato sauce or ½ cup tomato paste.

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