An increasing number of companies are offering massage and yoga at the office. Many businesses, such as Organic Inc., initially offered these perks as a way to keep their employees happy and loyal. They are discovering, however, that these perks carry some additional benefits.

Research has shown that massage reduces stress levels and boosts the immune system. One study in the International Journal of Neuroscience also reported that those who are massaged are more alert and are able to solve math problems more quickly and accurately. Thus, employers are seeing heightened morale, a decrease in sick days and improved performance. This type of program is proving to be highly beneficial for all.

If you’re not one of those fortunate enough to work for a company where massage and yoga are officered, you can still get full benefits in your own home. There are many wonderful units designed to provide you with a professional quality massage and videos, books and props to enhance your at-home yoga practice. Just click on the links to begin your journey to creating a personal health oasis in your own home with yoga and massage!

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