Percussive massage is also known as tapotement, a derivative of the French verb tapoter which means “to tap or pat”. This is an accurate description of this form of massage as it involves a vigorous “tapping” motion that is able to penetrate deeply into the different layers of muscle.
If you tend to carry a lot of tension in your back and shoulders, this is the perfect form of massage for you. The pulsations from this type of massage effectively work out knots and tight muscles.

You will find that after a percussive treatment your circulation has improved and your skin and muscle reflexes have been stimulated. This type of massage is best known for its use with athletes and as part of a traditional Swedish massage.

If you aren’t able to get to a massage therapist specializing in this technique, you can still achieve many of the benefits at home. Modern technology has allowed for the creation of many professional grade personal massage units that are affordable and easy to use. If you would like to learn more, visit .

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