A newly released survey reveals that in increasing number of hospitals are incorporating massage into their therapy programs. In fact, according to Health Forum, numbers have increased by over one third in just the last two years.

Massage therapists and natural health practitioners have long known of the myriad benefits of this healing modality. Now mainstream medicine is catching on. Seventy-one percent of hospitals offering massage so in order to help their patients’ combat stress.

This isn’t the only reason for offering this useful therapy, however. Below are some of the other reasons that hospitals have embraced massage:

 Pain management 67%

 Cancer therapy 52%

 Improving mobility 52%

 Pregnancy 51%

 Physical Therapy 50%

 Hospice / end-of-life care 37%

 Edema 33%

If you suffer from high blood pressure, anxiety, low immunity or any of the conditions mentioned above, you can benefit from massage. If you can’t find a local massage therapist, there are also many options that will allow you to experience the benefits right in your own home. Whichever you choose, you are sure to enjoy a greater sense of well-being.

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