Twelve percent of seniors over age 65 have some form of dementia – the most common being Alzheimer’s disease. By age 85, the percentage rises to 50%. Mental decline is not inevitable as we age, however.

A new study, led by Dr. Eric Larson, has discovered that elders who continue to maintain their physical fitness are far less likely to succumb to Alzheimer’s or other forms of mental debility. In following 2,288 seniors aged 65 and older, researchers found that loss of strength and balance preceded a loss of mental abilities.

This follows previous reports that demonstrated that those who continued to exercise as they aged had a lower probability of developing dementia. Dr. Larson and his team suggest that elders may be able to stave off mental decline by taking part in regular exercise.

If you or a loved one is unable to participate in traditional forms of exercise, there is an alternative. Chi Machines offer a highly effective form of passive aerobic exercise. The gentle “fishtail” motion of the unit stimulates your metabolism, increases circulation and also enhances cellular regeneration.

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