A flood of new research is showing that capsaicin, the component that gives peppers their heat, is a powerful ally in the quest for wellness. The most recent studies indicate that hot peppers may even be able to help combat prostate cancer.

Researchers from the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, in collaboration with colleagues from UCLA, found that capsaicin is deadly to prostate cancer cells. Eighty percent of the cancer cells exposed to the pepper component underwent apoptosis – a state where the cells essentially commit suicide.

It is estimated that the dose required for an average 200 pound male would be 400 milligrams three times a week. This would equate to approximately 3 – 8 fresh habanera peppers, depending on the capsaicin content.

In addition to their cancer fighting abilities, chili peppers also posses a wide array of other benefits. According to a recent report in Fiery Foods and BBQ, these spicy fruits also:

Stimulate circulation

Trigger the release of pain relieving endorphins

Contain healthy amounts of vitamins A, C and E

Break down fats

With all of these benefits, it may be time for you to heat things up in your kitchen!

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