If you’ve just had a spat with your significant other, it could take longer for that paper cut or sprained wrist to heal. A team of psychologists from Ohio State University has found that romantic troubles can directly impact the time it takes you to heal.

In the study, 42 couples were inflicted with small blisters on their arms. One group was then asked to discuss their goals while the second group was provoked into arguing. The blisters of those who had fought took at least a full day longer to heal.

In their report, the researchers stated that the skin of subjects who reported high levels of dissatisfaction in their relationships took 60% longer to heal than that of their contented counterparts! Their conclusion was that healing is a sensitive and complex process.

We have long known that stress negatively impacts our bodies and that our thoughts and emotions affect our well-being. This study is the first, however, to make a direct connect between our intimate relationships and healing.

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