A bit ago I introduced you to the “The Path to Happiness”. Hopefully you were able to take the time to implement the first step – planting something and nurturing it. You may have just discovered that you have a green thumb!

The second step in the path to happiness is “Count your blessings – at least five – at the end of each day.”

In today’s hectic world it can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day details. By the time evening rolls around it is easy to want to sit in front of the TV and “veg”. When this happens you are caught in the functions of living rather than on the experience of life.

Taking the time to review at least five things that you are grateful for each night can help to give you perspective. Did you accomplish something that you are proud of? Were you able to spend time with a loved one? Did a friend make you laugh?

Even small gestures of kindness or being able to witness a lovely sunset are blessings. Take the time to reflect on these. Your spirits will be uplifted and you will be able to fall asleep feeling a sense of peace and calm. You will begin to experience what Joseph Campbell referred to as “the rapture of being alive”.

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