In ancient times shamans and healers would often use art as part of their therapies. Music, images, dance and song were considered an integral part of the healing process. Today there are an increasing number of therapists and medical practitioners who are returning to this ancient wisdom.

Dr, Wikstroem of the Ersta Skoendal University College in Stockholm recently completed a study wherein 20 female seniors gathered once a week for four months to study and discuss art.

The participants noted an improved attitude and a lowering of their blood pressure. Women in the control group who met to discuss hobbies did not experience these effects.

It is also exciting to note that these positive improvements lasted for many months after the end of the study. There may be more truth than we thought in Kahlil Gibran’s observation “yes, art is life, life is art…”.

So take the time to create and explore the creative arts. Your body, mind and spirit will all benefit as will the friends and loved ones you share with.

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